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About Us


The ILB team consists of five friends who have taken their love of craft beer from a hobby to a passion to a podcast.


Lucky enough to live in San Diego, America’s Finest City for Craft Beer, we have spent many years enjoying the local breweries. In the summer of 2016, Jeff and Jeff discussed how fun it would be to rent a van and travel across the state visiting breweries. The next Spring Break we were on our way, joined by Tom and Joe and all our spouses. The Doctor and his wife met us along the way, and our journey began.


After touring California, Oregon and Washington, we found ourselves on a beach in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, discussing how much we enjoy drinking great beer and telling stories. That was the genesis moment for I Like Beer the Podcast.



The summer of 2019, we started our podcast with the intention of pairing great beer with great stories. We have been lucky enough to visit many amazing breweries, sit down with incredible brewers, owners and others in the craft beer industry. We’ve made a lot of new friends, drank a lot of exceptional beer, and told a bunch of stories along the way. 

We hope you are entertained and learn a little bit about some beers (as well as life and how to live it). Three of our team, Jeff, Jeff and the Doctor, are high school teachers, which explains why we have so much time to travel and podcast in the summer. Tom the sound guy, is an operations manager. Joe, our producer, runs a social media company. We found out early on that our skills and interests compliment each other--not only in our friendship--but on the podcast. 


Thanks for visiting our website. Please take a listen to our podcast (best enjoyed with a cold beer). 


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