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2020 Beerzies

Hen House Brewing's Fest Life

Best Seasonal Beer

Coronado Brewing's Early Bird

Best Dark Beer

Russian River Brewing's Pliny for President

Best IPA

Helton Brewing's Boysenberry Sour

Best Sour Beer

Eppig Brewing's Festbier

Best Lager

Don Desperado Brewing's Lager Magnifico

Best Lager

Burgeon Beer Company's Carlsbad Crush

Best Ale

Against the Grain Brewery's Citra Ass Down!

Best Beer Name

Fat, Drunk, and Stupid Podcast

Best Beer Podcast

Damon Adamo: Yella Houz Brewing

Home Brewing

Tim Wang

Home Brewing

David Zivkovitch: Z-Style Brewing

Home Brewing

Great beers and the stories that go with them.